Business Continuum


  Has a set syllabus
  Works according to a set timetable
  Imparts knowledge
  Assesses understanding
  Teaches knowledge
  Works to complete the syllabus

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  Has a set syllabus
  Works according to the learner's needs
  Imparts knowledge and skills
  Trains on implementation
  Corrects errors
  Trains on how things should be done
  Assesses understanding and application
  Tend to use a generic style to suit many people
  Works to complete the syllabus

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Life Coach

  Takes a holistic life approach
  Goal oriented
  Gives guidance
  Flexible timetable
  May change coaching style to suit circumstance
  Works to achieve balance and happiness

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Business Coach

  Helps to define business objectives
  Works to achieve business objectives
  Set specific business targets and objectives
  Guides key personnel to achieve results
  Ensures that deadlines, milestones and targets are met
  Encourages performance
  Ensures each department stays on track
  Assesses performance against prescribed criteria

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  Develops according to a personal style
  Brings out a personal natural talent
  Encourages and supports growth
  Often uses experience or a field of expertise to share wisdom
  Usually adapts their style to suit the protégé and the requirements
  Often an older more experienced person who guides and provides wisdom

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Business Enablers and Business Rejuvenators

Process Orientation
  Assess and streamline business processes and systems
  Value Stream Mapping, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Tools
  Conduct needs analyses
  Rejuvenate businesses and business' growth
  Assess the Turnover and Topline of any business
  Assess the Bottom line of any business
  Collaborate to develop business and managerial scorecards
  Improve and enhance the organizations capabilities
  Facilitate, develop, co-develop and\or assist in any strategy project
  Manage conflict in business channels
  Make the whole business perform better
  Arrange and provide feedback
People Orientation
  Develop, complete and interpret assessments
  Assess and develop interpersonal competencies
  Develop the business' readiness to achieve its objectives
  Develop competencies, skills and knowledge in the organization
  Collaborate with the business to plan, organise, lead, co-ordinate, support and direct business change
  Manage conflict in people and logistics channels
  Disciplinary hearings guided and\or conducted
  Mentorship programs tailored, developed, facilitated and executed
  Assist, co-develop and collaborate business and execute development plans
  Improve teamwork and where necessary morale
  Make the whole business perform better because our clients are satisfied
  Arrange and provide feedback

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How our business enabling and business rejuvenating process works

Business Enabling relationships are custom designed to match individual goals and objectives. The 5 stages of our business enabling process are as follows:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
  • Meet and discuss your business needs
  • Conclude with clear ideas
  • Acceptance of proposals or the amended proposal
  • Complete and approve enabling agreement
  • Begin the enabling process as laid out in the enabling agreement
  • Implement solutions
  • Regular feedback on each session
  • Review the process
  • Feedback to all parties
  • Define future states
  • Measure process success
  • Conclude the business enabling process
  • Define the future state
  • Path forward

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How much does a business enabler cost?

As a strategic business partner, a business enabler charges a rate range similar to other essential business service providers (accountants, information technologists and attorneys).

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  Works as an advisor in a specialist capacity
  Gives guidance
  Usually recommends a specific path
  Consults to a select group of people who tend to be decision makers
  Does not have power or decision making authority
  Usually is very influential

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Therapist/ Counselor

  Works through specific issues or concerns
  Works as a confidential support
  Often addresses emotional or psychological issues
  Often works with individuals who are experiencing some form of trauma
  Usually works for a specified time period

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