We improve, grow and fix enterprise development beneficiaries i.e. SMME's, for enterprise development providers and enterprise development donors. We also work with SMME's who are not part of an enterprise development beneficiary framework.

Mentors Business Enabling focuses at stage one and two of the business life cycle - namely; start up and growth. Read more here.

We build a database of preferential procurement partners which our clients may then use in developing their scorecard effectively.

We provide an array of services and solutions to both new and existing entrepreneurs or business owners.

We have worked in 23 industries with over a 100 different client models; we understand the necessity to individualise each assistance program or intervention to suit the industry, business and entrepreneurs' style. We further understand that each business will have particular and unique improvement, growth and fatal flaw issues - we construct solutions around these constraints without giving into them.

Our 16 years of assisting SMME's improve, grow and fix their businesses means we have developed many tools and programs which aid entrepreneurs and business people. We follow a predetermined and successful process to ensure we cover all aspects of the business.

How our business enabling and business rejuvenating process works

Business Enabling relationships are custom designed to match individual goals and objectives. The 5 stages of our business enabling process are as follows:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
  • Meet and discuss your business needs
  • Conclude with clear ideas
  • Acceptance of proposals or the amended proposal
  • Complete and approve enabling agreement
  • Begin the enabling process as laid out in the enabling agreement
  • Implement solutions
  • Regular feedback on each session
  • Review the process
  • Feedback to all parties
  • Define future states
  • Measure process success
  • Conclude the business enabling process
  • Define the future state
  • Path forward

We tailor our approach and a resume of what we can do is listed below:

  • Discussion with the Enterprise development Provider into their various needs
  • Tailored and focused Mentors diagnostic on enterprise development beneficiaries
  • Ascertain compliance and other important detail of the potential beneficiary
  • Ensure general compliance and requisite functions
  • Functional development of a beneficiary, where necessary, in terms of their;
    • Human Resource and competence functions
    • Procurement functions
    • Marketing, Distribution and Sales Strategy
    • Customer centric approaches
    • Production, production processes and effectivity
    • Talent management and spotting
  • Strategy, growth, renewal and sustainability development
  • Business planning and management
  • Business and Personal Coaching Development