"Our FD approved their quote after rigorous research, which means the vale for money is there."
- Bruce


When new activities are introduced to an individual or organisation, and they need to be used immediately, training is required. It is ideal when training takes place on-site, in-house, as part of customised and tailor-made training programmes that improve the person or organisation's performance and build their competitive edge.

It is also ideal when assessors are able to design training that is rooted in examination, measurement and aim. This is what Mentors is known for: Focused training that is developed with a long-term perspective of the business, its objectives, its strategies and its culture; that is free of standardisation and generic solutions. And this is what companies serious about being in front of the pack are looking for.

Topic Selection

  Active Listening
  Advanced Supervisory Skills
  Balanced Life
  Building Teams at all Levels
  Business Etiquette
  Career Mapping
  Change Management
  Closing the Sale
  Conducting Meetings
  Conflict Management
  Current and Future State Analysis
  Customer Care
  Dealing with Difficult People
  Decision Making
  Development Planning
  Diagnosing Performance Problems in Individuals
  Diversity Management Training
  Effective Relationships with Peers
  Effective Relationships with Supervisors
  Emotional Intelligence Training
  Emotions and Performance Management
  Encouraging Performance for Supervisors and Managers
  Executive PA Development
  Filtering & Beliefs
  Finance for Non-Financial People
  HDi Training
  How Business Fits Together
  Human Capacity Development
  Human Capital Readiness
  Human Resources Training
  Intermediate Sales Skills
  Interpersonal Skills Training
  Introduction to Sales Skills
  Job Analysis & Performance Appraisal
  Leadership : Followership
  Leadership Training
  Leading your Company
  Learning from Every Experience
  Learning Styles
  Life and Interpersonal Skills
  Management Training
  Managing a Team
  Managing Conflict
  Managing Disappointment
  Managing your Manager
  Market Segmentation
  Marketing Training
  Mentorship (for Mentors & Mentees)
  Mentorship Training & Facilitation
  Office Effectiveness
  Organisational Development
  Performance Management
  Performance Management for Managers
  Personal Development
  Personality Types
  Power & Influence
  Presentation Skills Training
  Principles of Management
  Proactivity & Positivity
  Problem Solving
  Process Flow Analysis
  Project Management
  Providing Constructive Feedback
  Sales as a business
  Sales Intro, Intermediate & Advanced
  Sales Management Skills
  Sales Training
  Self Image Training
  Selling Styles
  Setting Goals
  Situational Leadership
  Skills Assessments
  Strategic Analysis
  Strategic Planning Facilitation
  Strategy Development
  Strategy Implementation Sessions
  Strategy Sessions
  Stress Management
  Succession Planning (& Development Planning)
  Supervisory Skills
  Team Building
  Teams and Team Dynamics Training
  The Basics of Business
  The Basics of Coping in a Company
  Thoughts and Paradigms
  Time Management
  TQM & Business Plans
  Transformation to Management
  Transforming your Company
  Understanding People
  Use of Punishment
  Working with a Team
  Working with People
Leadership Training Sales Training In-house / On-site Custom / Specific


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